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Big dragontutorial Part 1 by mythori Big dragontutorial Part 1 :iconmythori:mythori 2,511 143 Big dragontutorial Part 2 by mythori Big dragontutorial Part 2 :iconmythori:mythori 1,532 76 How To Draw A Dragon Tutorial by persian-pirate How To Draw A Dragon Tutorial :iconpersian-pirate:persian-pirate 70 18 Collab art: Loss by Theocrata Collab art: Loss :icontheocrata:Theocrata 567 68
Under Pale Moonlight
Under Lonely Moonlight
A waning gibbous nearly as bright as a full moon hung above a dusk eastern skyline, illuminating nightly shadows with a ghostly shimmer. Somewhere in the remote wilderness, where humanity had yet to leave its impression two shadows, one distinctly male and the one female, challenged each other for ultimate dominion. Their razor-sharp claws and jagged teeth glowed under the light of the moon as their throats rumbled ferociously, frightening the wildlife to the next mountain for their lives. The menacing, feral expressions they exchanged would have pierced doubt into even the bravest individuals who were not immediately intimidated by their immense strength or raging golden irises. Yet, for all their frightening appearances, both held a mesmerizing splendor under a silver radiance that inspired awe and thoughts of a mystical beauty most appreciated on a full moon.
None of their hypnotizing mysticism could be confused with their gestures of impending violence as the
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Of Freedom n' Mice
It occurred to me that I can use this journal to share thoughts. My mind is full of thoughts.... that's why my head weighs a ton and is constantly aching. Furthermore, my mind produces new thoughts on a daily basis and sometimes I catch myself I regret I haven't written them down somewhere. Not because I am some great thinker or philosopher, but because I know the power of a simple yet good spoken thought to potentially change minds and attitudes. To sow seeds which can someday grow into greater thoughts than my own. If I have a chance to do that, it's worth a try. To make people ponder and think. Because thinking is a powerful force. People NEED to think more. They need to think with their own heads. This makes them strong in many ways. The world only changes when people do that.
So I'll be sharing thoughts and randomness every now and then. I don't really care if anyone is interested, but if somebody has spare time (and likes reading random long stuff), feel free to read, think and d
:iconlapis-lazuri:lapis-lazuri 2 0
Apples and Cinnamon
Desmond Xander McKenna is not a grief counselor. He's not even the next best thing.
He muses on this as he drags himself up the stairs to his supervisor's apartment.
Why did his coworkers have to send him, of all people, to talk to Isa? He's not good at talking to people. He's not even good at talking to this one specific person.
He grumbles as he takes the last few steps to Isa's floor, but it's all for show. The truth is, his heart's almost beating out of his chest and he's quietly hoping that his dinner won't make a surprise reappearance (unfortunately, prospects aren't looking too good on that front). All in all, it's like he's submitting his thesis all over again—all nerves and shaky hands—except it's way worse because he's so not ready to talk down his grieving boss. Especially when said boss is grieving about their mutual best friend's death.
Desmond reaches the top of the stairs and stops. He closes his eyes and forces himself to take a deep breath.
The smell of mus
:iconjessepinwheel:Jessepinwheel 2 2
Golden Stain, Chapter 8
Chapter Eight – Betrayer
Yion walked behind the group, just close enough to be seen. Jay couldn’t stop himself from shooting glances back at her as they walked, making sure she was still moving. After her collapse the previous night, he wasn’t convinced she was in any shape for travelling. Not that they had much of a choice with the house burnt down and enemies still potentially on the prowl.
Yion seemed to trust his students as well as they trusted her, which was to say, not even a little bit. Her presence silenced the chatter, caused the younger students to bunch in with one another and the older to cast suspicious backward glances. Jay tried to lighten up the mood with small talk, but even he wasn’t feeling especially cheerful.
Solan slowed up ahead. I’m smelling some prey nearby, he said, turning back to look at Jay. I should go see what I can find.
It would be a good idea, Jay agreed. Their food supplies ha
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Sjalmera by Nashoba-Hostina Sjalmera :iconnashoba-hostina:Nashoba-Hostina 44 4 Eldritch: Calamity 014 by Nashoba-Hostina Eldritch: Calamity 014 :iconnashoba-hostina:Nashoba-Hostina 60 92 Hexapod's Evolutionary Chart by Birvan Hexapod's Evolutionary Chart :iconbirvan:Birvan 586 190
A Welcome Visitor
The trees regrettably camouflaged me poorly as I traveled down the smaller side of a ridge splitting what would have been a much larger valley, but I was grateful for the protection from casual locals spotting my maroon scales by chance. Instead, my steep descent into the wide open fields below me would only come under scrutiny from a single road leading into a few homes inhabited by retired or youthful folk, and a small town. I could see it in the distance; a few church steeples pierced the barely urbanized area. Trees had found their places along the streets and surrounding area, a hundred times more common than cars and people. I was sure there were a few diners scattered throughout the town, but I know they would never serve my kind. For creatures like me, there was nature to supply me in a world ruled by mankind, and despite my obvious sentience, most people with a good gun wouldn't think twice about taking a shot at me.
It hadn't always been this way. A few years ago I would have
:icongandof79:gandof79 11 19
Golden Stain, Chapter 1
Chapter One – Lessons
Go away! The mental voice cried.
Jay leaned against the wall and kneaded his temples with a fist. “Tary,” he said out loud, and then, through telepathy, Tary, come out of there.
I won’t! came the reply. I’ve had enough of your stupid lessons and Solan’s stupid face!
A short moment of silence. Well, Solan isn’t so bad, I guess. At least he listens to me!
I am listening to you, Jay said.
Oh, really? Then why are we having this conversation?
Jay cleared his throat as if it would help his telepathic words to be heard more clearly. Tary, you are the student here. You do not control the pace of these lessons.
But why won’t you listen!? We’ve been doing the same things for ages! I already know how to do all kinds of things you haven’t even shown me! As she spoke, Tary sent mental images to accompany her words. Jay glimpsed sce
:iconfiredragoneyes:Firedragoneyes 13 22
Like Kin: Part 16
Like Kin: Part 16
“You are getting very good at moving that rock around. Maybe it is time to try something else.” Theo suggested as his eyes tracked the rock Ivan had been training with. Leaving a slight odor of sweat in the cave they called home, his human gently laid the stone up where it belonged to face Theo.
“What would you suggest, Theo?” He asked, wiping the sweat from his brow.
The dragon’s long throat rumbled, “Hmm… Perhaps it is time for you to move something more substantial, like me.”
His eyes widened.
“Excuse me?”
Theo’s chuckles echoed in their cave, “I jest little one. I would be impressed if you could do that, but alas; I am confident such an effort would kill you if you tried too adamantly. You have yet to know the true extent of your powers. You would be wise not to learn them the hard way.” He had already planned for this step days in advance. How long had it been since his human had first
:icongandof79:gandof79 3 9


So, this is coming later than I had wanted...more than a year late in fact.  Realistically, I could have (and probably should have) said something about what was happening to make me disappear for all of that time back then, but there were far more pressing issues at the time and in the end I kind of just let it go.  I won't go into everything that happened: those that know me on Skype or elsewhere should already know (And if I didn't mention anything, feel free to ask.  You're in my contacts for a reason, and I'm sorry I didn't say anything.) and mentioning any of that this late seems kind of redundant and wholly defeats the purpose of this post.

The purpose of this is twofold actually.  First off, I do want to apologize for the lack of activity here.  I had a list of things to do last year and every intention to complete the list, as I recall I was writing up things and ideas on vacation, and I just up and left without saying anything.  I still intend to finish that list of words, all ninety-nine of the remaining ones, and more besides in time.  I just haven't really had to drive to write or do anything here until I made that small update, and I've been trying to figure out what exactly to say or do to come back here properly.

In truth, I don't know what to say or do.  I don't currently have anything to post, though I am working on a small writing thing and some background stuff for others, but it will be done hopefully by the end of this month for those interested.  Right now though, I'm busy getting my priorities straight: reviewing Trignometry and Calculus, trying to memorize formulas in other things and doing a lot of reading.  So, I may not have a great de3al of time to write or do much else, at least not as much as I like.  I'm also kind of giving up on the idea of monthly updates in journals: my life is fairly unremarkable and that isn't going to change.

In short: I am sorry it took so long to get back around to this, but there are things coming, and as I get reacquainted with things I will post updates and new things.  So, that's it.  Thanks for reading.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
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Currently a college student working on degrees. Occasionally I write stuff, and I'm learning/relearning how to draw and do art. Otherwise not much to say.


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